Songwe Food Security, Environmental Protection and Community Empowerment Project

The main economic activities of the people is agriculture. However, there has been challenges in agriculture given the changes in weather conditions. Also in dry seasons, there is a problem of food which causes food insecurity in the region.

The aim of this project will be provide alternative modern agriculture and livestock which will feed the urban centers and rural community. Opportunity drivers include decreased land size and thus need for innovation, presence of infrastructure (water, electricity and roads), established network of entrepreneurship who can demand farm produce, available housing infrastructure and committed manpower.


The Project overall objectives will be to give income and food security of the households in the district. Specific objectives shall be to:

  1. Empower the local community at household level to be able to implement
  2. Provide employment for youths and women (the district has more women who are single mothers due to the impact of urbanization and HIV)
  3. Make best use of the limited land available
  4. Increase food security and nutritional intake of the households.
  5. Mitigating the impact of climate change – as the project aims to enhance
  6. Contribute to the environment protection – communities used to seek pasture and firewood from the forest.

We’re planning to launch this pilot project soon in Songwe Region, Tanzania.